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About company

E & M Trade s.r.o. construction company

E & M Trade s.r.o. is a company operating in all segments of the construction industry. It provides all the essentials from the processing of project documentation of all stages, through construction permits and approvals. E & M Trade s.r.o. has rich experience with interior design. In particular, business units within shopping centers form large parts of its portfolio.

E & M Trade s.r.o. deals with the construction and reconstruction of residential houses, commercial premises, office buildings and industrial buildings.

E & M Trade s.r.o. are reliable partners of major brands in their fields of business. We also offer solutions for both large commercial projects and smaller buildings for individuals.

Our construction company offers and provides a full service and a team with professionals and experts in their field, who can handle every problem or situation.

Thanks to our own technologies, such as our own joinery, metal production and our department specializing in air conditioning, can cover the vast majority of aspects in the construction industry and is not dependent on other suppliers. Our carpentry workshop is capable of producing any furniture or wooden element according to the client's requirements. As well as metal elements.

The goal of E & M Trade s.r.o. is, in addition to maximum client satisfaction and bespoke works. It follows the motto "project that cannot be implemented, does not exist ".


E & M Trade s.r.o. ensure the processing of project documentation of all levels, from the documentation of the building, through digitization, documentation for building permits, to documentation of the actual design. Elaboration of inspection reports, protocols and measurements.


E & M Trade s.r.o. ensure the submission of documentation to the authorities and the provision of statements and administration bodies affected by construction, processing of building permits, securing and participation in approval.


We ensure a comprehensive supply of construction work, equipment, interior and advertising signs, complete demolition work, plasterboard work, electrical installation work, air conditioning, tiling and paving, custom joinery production and more.


We also under brand names, deal with import and exports of ceramic tiles, which are produced in the Czech Republic, Italy and Spain.

comprehensive supply of construction work, interior equipment and advertising signs

complete demolition work
(incl. waste disposal)

plasterboard work
(incl. certification for installation of fire SDK structures)

electrical work

supply and installation of lighting
(incl. public lighting)

supply and installation of air conditioning

delivery and installation of cooling
(incl. industrial)

delivery and installation of shop windows and blinds

delivery and installation of tiles and paving

custom joinery production, furniture assembly and production of atypical elements

locksmith and plumbing work

production and installation of illuminated advertisements and banners

supply and implementation of fire seals
(incl. certification and declaration)

painting and finishing work

plumbing work

E & M Trade - stavba
E & M Trade - stavba
E & M Trade - stavba
E & M Trade - stavba
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